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HAPPY NURSES WEEK 2020! (👋 last blog post, transitioning to instagram!) ✨

May 12, 2020

Hi Friends!!



It has indeed been a verrryyyy long time since my last blog post. And sadly, I think this will be my last. I have since transitioned to utilizing my Instagram (@sincerelymeagan) more to document my journey in this wonderful profession (sprinkled in with my evolving lifestyle interests & passions in life!). 


From someone with barely a 3.1 GPA in undergrad...incredibly mediocre GRE scores...  I was able to find my calling in nursing. I explored and found where my passions and interests lied, and continue to strive in empowering others to do so as well. You CAN find your place in this profession, it's incredibly dynamic, well-rounded, and seeks people of all backgrounds and life stories. I first want to thank all those loyal readers out there, those who interacted with me through this blog, asked me questions, commented on my posts, and sent me reallyyyyyy nice words of thanks and encouragement here. I am forever thankful for you. It is bittersweet that I will now say goodbye to my blog! :'')


As a final farewell, I thought I would share some of my most popular blog posts that may help you along your journeys: 


My Personal Summary of Schools I had Applied to:

accepted waitlisted rejected


Nursing School Application Process (guest written by someone who attended my program a year after me)



Accelerated Nursing Application Requirements



How to Ace Your Nursing School Interview:



What my accelerated nursing curriculum looked like:



Columbia Clinical Rotation Reflections:

Obstetrics: women are amazing

Pediatrics: do it for the kiddos

Psychiatric: mental health is everywhere

Med-Surge: basics and foundations with the best preceptor

Community Health: know your population


NCLEX Blog Post Series

links within this link


Interested in being a NP but have your college degree in something else?

it's not too late


My Honest Thoughts on Columbia Nursing (the good & the bad)

in full transparency


How to Obtain California RN Licensure by Endorsement/Reciprocity

get me my CA license!


Why get the DNP degree?



General FAQ



Thank you again, everyone! If you have left me a comment or sent me an email through the contacts page within the past year, I apologize that I do not check that email this blog is associated with anymore! Please do feel free to DM me all your questions via Instagram! :) 


Keep striving and thriving, friends! ✨







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