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Iceland Trip Recap: waterfalls galore, icelandic horses, glaciers, geothermal pools, hidden caves, t

Hi friends,

Hope you're all doing well! For those who had a recent Spring Break, hope it was restful and enjoyable! Isn't it hard to jump back into the groove of things after taking it easy for a week?

I had an incredible time exploring the beauty of Iceland with A and his family. We rented a car and drove around the entire country in just 10 days! I wanted to share with you some pics from the trip! Obviously these pictures don't do Iceland justice, but I try!

Waterfalls end in -foss like "Goðafoss" or "Svartifoss".

Icelandic horses are PUREBRED from the Viking Era. No other horses live in Iceland besides these purebred Icelandic horses. If they leave the country, they aren't allowed re-entry to keep them pure.

The infamous CAVE where Jon Snow and Ygritte fell in love. Wink wink. The water IS PIPING HOT!

Right above the cave are fissures marking the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. How neat!

The second geothermal pool we relaxed in was in Myvatn (first being the popular Blue Lagoon which was very worth it IMO!)

Myvatn was also the city we stayed in and witnessed the Northern Lights! It was a true spectacle!

We hiked a glacier! Vatnajökull is located in Vatnajökull National Park and is the second largest ice cap in Iceland. Look how beautifully blue it is! Sadly, it's retreating... as many of the . glaciers are in Iceland. Climate change is causing these massive beauties to slowly melt, to lose its life, and eventually... exposing the volcanoes deep within the depths of Iceland and allowing them to erupt and slowly kill off the land. Iceland is disappearing. It's been reported that Iceland can disappear in as little as 200 years.

This picture is of me in a tunnel leading into the second largest ice cap, Langjökull Glacier, the "long glacier." We learned that the bubbles trapped within the ice walls is what keeps the inside at a constant freezing point of 32F, no matter the conditions of the outside world.

Sadly, this glacier is also retreating and losing its life. As depicted in the image below, this glacier can disappear by 2165. These glaciers have immense density and keep Iceland situated, stable, and their agriculture and sustainability at its peak. Our tour guide gave us a grand speech about being more conscious about our energy usage and waste.

Ending the photo reel with one last foss!

Have you been to Iceland before? What are your thoughts? Fave places? Did you have their langoustine? Fermented shark? How many hot dogs/ lamb soup/ orders of fish n chips did you have?

Have a great rest of your week friends!



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