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** missing in action for a few weeks! **

hi all,

this will be a quick and short post. just wanted to update you since i haven't been blogging and still have a lot of emails to reply to! i had a diagnosis and management exam on monday which ive been studying for the past two weeks and right after the exam was done, i have been working tirelessly on papers and case narratives for other classes. i have been focusing on that juggling my time to celebrate some friends' birthdays. i sincerely apologize for the delayed responses in emails. i really appreciate all of your patience and will get to them most likely as i am waiting for my flight to iceland! yep! i will be spending spring break in iceland this year with A and his family. but until the trip, i have more schoolwork to complete! thanks for sticking by me, friends!



p.s. you can follow me along on instagram at @sincerelymeagan to see what im up to whether it's work related, NP school related, or lifestyle! :)

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