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Black Press Coffee (NYC, Upper West Side)

February 2, 2019

FEATURED: cappuccino 



Found this tiny little coffee shop in the UWS that has free WiFi! Great to do some work. Tables are kind of small, so I wouldn't come with a group of more than 2-3. There were only about 4 two-person tables, two tall standing tables, and some window counter space with seats. Quality coffee, they use Parlor Coffee. I also had a cardamom pistachio bread slice which was kind of dry unfortunately. They have a small selection of basic pastry goods for snacking on. They do not have a bathroom for public use! But again, they do have WiFi, and outlets as well. It can get pretty busy here! So be warned! Good coffee though, would come again! 



Have a great weekend, friends! I had this whole DETAILED post about how my week went with school...but I deleted all the content... SO SAD. I don't have that kind of energy and patience to re-write it right now, so I will have to get back to that when I am a little more motivated. :PP 









P.S. I responded to most emails from you who have sent me personal messages through the Contact Me page. If you haven't gotten a reply, it's probably because I just need a little more time to formulate that response. Thanks for your patience!! 



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