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Big Things Happening... an update on my NP journey timeline

Hi everyone! I wanted to give y'all an update on where I am in my NP student timeline as I am currently in my SECOND TO LAST SEMESTER of coursework. Yep! That's right, two more semesters and this girl is going to sit for her national boards exam to become a board certified FAMILY NP! Pray for me.

Just to back things up, a little timeline recap:

  • June 2015 --> Graduated from UC San Diego with a Human Bio Major and Healthcare and Social Issues Minor

  • In between time --> Finished up nursing prereqs, studied for the GRE, worked on applications

  • June 2016 --> Began Columbia's MDE program

  • May 2017 --> Graduated Columbia's MDE program!

  • September 2017 --> Passed the NCLEX! Became a Registered Nurse. ALSO... started Columbia's DNP program to become a Family NP

  • essentially, since then, I've just been working on my curriculum to become a NP

This Spring Semester as a 2nd year DNP student, I am enrolled in 4 didactic courses and 2 practicums (clinical rotations). I will be continuing on with Diagnosis & Management part II (this time learning radiology, as well as learning to diagnose and manage diseases related to orthopedic conditions, oncology, ophthalmology, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, genitourinary, heart failure, breast health, substance use and abuse, infectious diseases, neurology, etc... basically listed out my syllabus plan to you haha). I also have a Seminar class where we will practice writing case narratives, presenting oral case reports, patient simulations, and practicing procedural skills in the simulation lab. I have a class in Family Theory in Context (not quite sure what this one's about yet, just know there's a lot of reading and writing haha). I also have another women's health class which is a part of my women's health sub-specialty where I will be practicing more simulations and learning the skills to go out into the clinical world of women's health.

One of my clinical rotations is for women's health and I am with an OB/GYN at a site that sees a lot of Chinese patients, so that'll be interesting! My other clinical is for my FNP practicum where I am placed in a sub-acute floor working with a NP.

As I juggle these classes and completing my clinical hours, I will also continue working per diem as a nurse in the PACU at a fertility clinic. It's been really great there, I feel like I work really well with the other nurses in the PACU. If you want to hear more about what my role is there, let me know in the comments!

After this semester is over, I will go into Summer Semester where I will complete the last 120 clinical hours and remaining didactic courses. I will also need to start studying for my FNP licensing exam which I will most likely take some time in May/June/July (???) of this year 2019. AND HOPEFULLY PASS. I will let you know what my study plans (study schedule, resources, etc) are as we get closer.

And then after I pass and become a board certified FNP, I begin a required two semester residency. Residency is a pretty confusing term to be thrown around, especially in the NP world, so I will most likely do a separate post on what this means for us here at Columbia.

Essentially, it will be a full-time, PAID, position as a licensed NP. It can be anywhere, as long as we can begin this position by Fall of this year, 2019 and can complete the hours required in 2 semesters. Once our residency semesters are over, we have then officially completed ALL the requirements Columbia asks of us, and then we can officially GRADUATE by the end of Spring 2020. WOOT WOOT!

So, friends, there's the timeline update! Not sure if I explained that as coherently as I hoped for, so if you have any questions, please feel free to comment directly on this post and I will answer! Have a great rest of your week!!



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