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Devocion (NYC, Flatiron District)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

I was so excited to know that Devocion had come to Manhattan! I've heard so many things about Devocion in Brooklyn and even walked into that location once to study, but it was soooo crowded me and my friends left. The Brooklyn location had a really large interior and beautiful space, but was very popular. The Manhattan location here in Flatiron is definitely not as spacious, but is just as popular. On a Friday early afternoon, there were tons of people taking up all the seats and couch space. They have small two person tables and a couch, brick walls, a sky window, and a bathroom. I would not consider this as a place to study as many of the customers are here to have conversations with others. The cappuccino did not disappoint in taste, but was quite pricey at $4.50. I would come back if I am around the neighborhood with a friend and wanted to catch up.

Anyone else love using physical planners? I used to use the Erin Condren life planners but decided to change it up for 2019. I got this beautiful rose gold Passion Planner and am so excited to try to keep it up throughout the year! I still use my calendar on my iPhone, but something about colored pens/highlighter to paper, planner stickers, and motivational quotes just keep me inspired and motivated. Anyone else feel the same? Let me know how you plan on getting organized this year!



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