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Felix Roasting Co (Midtown East, NYC)

FEATURED: Smoked s'mores latte and classic croissant

From the interior, the quality of coffee, and customer service, this place has it all! Felix Roasting Co blew my mind with their unique seasonal drink, the smoked s'mores latte. Get it now before it's too late! If you're looking for something that will take your taste buds to new heights, this is the drink to try! It comes at a steep price ($13-$14), but they put on quite a show, showing you how they "smoke out" the drink. Their marshmallow is homemade and the milk they use in this drink is soaked in graham crackers, giving it a really rich, unique taste. I thought this drink would be too sweet, but it actually is the perfect amount. They have several small tables in the back and front of the store, but if you're looking to come with a large group (4+) on a weekend, it might be harder to snag an area without getting separated. They also get their pastries from Supermoon Bakehouse, a NYC native bakery. Free Wifi, one co-ed bathroom. Would come back again!


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