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... I ran my first ever half marathon??!!

YES, I DID! Crazy right??! Who would have thought... Haha. For those who know me, they know how lazy I was about staying active and exercising throughout college. Now, this may sound kind of cheesy, but this whole "running journey" (if you want to call it that) stemmed from a Nursing Management and Leadership course I took during the Spring semester earlier this year. Aside from learning steps to improve patient quality in the clinic/hospital setting, we were also given an assignment to find an aspect in our own personal lives we wanted to improve. And of course, I chose to do something with exercise. I started off with a goal of being able to simply run a 5K (3.1) miles without stopping. I eventually reached my goal and thought to myself -- hey, this makes me feel like I'm finally doing something good for my body, I should probably just keep it up. So one day, I decided to go for a run in Central Park and ended up running 6.5 miles! I honestly couldn't believe it. That was the day I thought it was a brilliant idea to sign up for a half marathon (lol....).

I signed up to do the Brooklyn Half Marathon with S & J who had done a half marathon in Brooklyn last year. Overall, the race felt pretty good! I surprisingly had a lot of fun and pretty much kept pace with J the entire run. My average mile was about 10:13 and I finished the entire half in 2 hours and 13 mins. Pretty proud of myself for how I did considering I was averaging 10:40-ish runs while I was training. Couldn't have done it without J TBH!!

After the run, we chowed down on a lot of food, both salty AND savory. J and I went to Chinatown to also get $40 full body massages haha.

Would I do it again?! Possibly! But I think next time I would try to raise money for a charity or a cause that I am passionate about. Stay tuned as I continue with my "running journey," friends!



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