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Bird & Branch (Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen, NYC)

FEATURED: Cappuccino & earl grey shortbread cookie

The Starling (hojicha cold brewed carbonated) & matcha loaf

Such a wonderful spot to either have a coffee date or get some work done. This coffee shop has your basic espresso beverages as well as their own signature drinks. One of their signature drinks I had was the starling (hojicha tea cold brewed and carbonated). It was so interesting!! and really good! I love hojicha and their drink had a really nice twist to it. I also had their cappuccino which was bold and full of espresso flavor, not burnt and not milked- down. Will definitely come back again. Their staff is friendly and patient in explaining their menu. They also have a wide selection of pastries and food that they may in house. If you're into earl grey, matcha, and black sesame, you'll definitely find something enjoyable here -- beverage-wise and food-wise. Seating is sort of limited, maybe three small 2 seaters, small bar seating by the window, and some lower coffee tables with chairs. Free WiFi! But unfortunately no bathroom.

I was able to get someeeee studying done for my diagnosis and management class, and then my best friend visited me from Yale (she's getting her MPH!). Friends... I need to get more motivated with running. I've been slacking off. I signed up for a half marathon next month and I need to get it together!! YIKES!

Hope everyone had a fun and/or productive weekend! Have a good week ahead!



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