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Idea Coffee (Flatiron, NYC)

FEATURED: Matcha latte

Fall Semester is now in full force! We are about 3 weeks in, and as a second year DNP student, we are finallllyyyy taking a Diagnosis & Management course. I will get more into the classes I am taking this Fall semester in my next post or so.... A, C, and I went to a cafe to work on an Epidemiology homework assignment together and started to study more for the Diagnosis & Management course.

Anyway, this coffee/juice shop is in a convenient location in Flatiron sandwiched between Koreatown, Eataly and shopping stores down 5th ave. It was pretty busy, but we were able to grab a table after a few gentlemen left. They have free WiFi which was kind of slow, but was good enough. Wouldn't come here if you need faster more reliable internet. They also have a bathroom which is always something I look out for when heading to a study spot. My matcha latte wasn't the best I've everrrr had. It wasn't that flavorful. I would definitely come back to study if I was in the area again. It's convenient and has all the necessary things to get you through a study day -- free WiFi, bathroom, food (they had some special avocado toasts and pastries).

Hope everyone is doing well. I know my blog has been kind of MIA lately. Things have been pretty much same 'ol for me. But I guess I'll do a mini life update in my next post as well. Stay tuned!



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