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Summer 2018 TA-ing + FNP courses in the books! 📚

HI FAM! So my mom basically texted me the other day with "What happened to your blog?" Haha! I now look at it... and WOW! I haven't posted in over a month! Yikes!! I have to admit, y'all... my life isn't THAT exciting right now. I'm basically just taking my FNP classes (an interesting management course teaching us about correctly billing office visits, fraud, how not to get sued, the practical stuff! and an informatics class, a health policy class, a childbearing class, my 60 hours of clinical at a primary care site).

And this semester was my first time TA-ing for classes. I TA-ed for Physical Assessment (PA) Lab and Advanced Clinical Assessment (didactic course). Seeing my group of students for PA lab progress week by week was a lot of fun. You really do bond with the students! You learn things about them, you laugh about things, you complain about things.

One of my groups even gave me this touching thank you card and Starbucks gift card!! CRYING!! <3 They taught me a lot about my desire to help others grow, my desire to support other students, my desire to give advice, my desire to empower and motivate others to do their best!

And at the end of it all, the PA lab TAs and I went to grab happy hour after the last day of grading students on their PA skills. We went from grabbing Starbucks happy hour (3-5pm deals, you know what I'm saying??) to grabbing happy hour margaritas and tacos! Yum!

Forever grateful for all the wonderful people I got to meet this semester, from the new MDE students, to the TAs.

Looking forward to starting my SECOND YEAR OF DNP this FALL! Time is flying by! Before you know it, I will be starting my DNP residency next Fall as a full-fledged Family Nurse Practitioner.

As a little preview of what is to come... my Fall semester will consist of classes all day on Monday (8am-8pm) which include a seminar class, diagnosis and management in primary care (FINALLY!), epidemiology, and my NP clinical (180 hours between my current clinical site and another pediatric site). 2 days of the week will most likely be dedicated to clinical hours and 1-2 days will be dedicated to working at my job as a periop nurse at a fertility clinic!

Talk to you all soon!



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