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Family DNP Summer 2018 Schedule

It's my last semester of my FIRST year in the Family DNP! Time has flown by! Okay, but only kind of. The DNP curriculum feels a lot slower compared to the MDE program for sure. This semester, I am taking 5 classes, but don't let that schedule fool you. I also have two seminar sessions to attend and a few simulation lab sessions for Essential Care for the Childbearing Year.

I am interested in the Management in Adv Practice Nursing class as it focuses on teaching us what it means to have NP licensure (also how to lose it... getting to avoid getting sued, etc), NP certification, billing codes, how to bill correctly, etc. etc. So VERY applicable things as we become advanced practice nurses.

I am also going to be a teaching assistant (TA) for two classes on Thursdays this semester. The first class, Adv Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan is a didactic class with the graduating MDE class, and the Physical Assessment Lab class is a.. well.. a lab class where the new MDE students will be in the simulation lab to physically practice physical assessments on one another. Very excited to be a teaching assistant this semester! :)

And lastly, FNP students are required to complete 60 hours of clinical this semester. I am at the same site as I was during Spring semester. I will continue my hours at a primary care center in the South Bronx where the population is primarily uninsured, undocumented and have chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, and HIV. It's a really interesting population to work with and I am slowly being allowed to see patients on my own, taking their health histories, documenting on the EMR system, going over labs with the patients, etc.

Speak with you all again soon! :)



PS sorry for the really late responses to email/comments!! i will get back to you!!

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