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Touring the new MDE class around Columbia Nursing's new simulation lab & around NYC!

This year, I am a Peer Leader, so I manage a group of peer mentors as they guide their own group of mentees through the ins and outs of Columbia Nursing. As a Peer Leader, I was able to participate in a bunch of orientation events again this year. It's always great to meet the new kids, bright eyed and cheery before nursing school reallllyyyyy hits them. Haha.

It was also wonderful to have them see the new simulation lab (two floors worth!). We have some really high tech manikins now and really great task trainers to allow students to practice injections, suturing, IV's, pap smears, and soooo much more.

And of course, orientation ended on a boat that rode around the bottom tip of Manhattan. Good thing it didn't thunderstorm! I swear, NYC weather changes by the hour! Do not completely trust your weather apps when you're in the city, my friends.

Today was everyone's first day of Summer semester and boy am I a little pooped. It's been a while since I've had longer lectures. I will do another post soon with what my Summer semester looks like. I will also be TA-ing for two classes, advanced physical assessment and physical assessment lab. I am very excited! :) Hope to see some of you there!!

I've also gotten a few comments/emails from those who are looking into applying for Columbia Nursing this upcoming cycle and I will definitely do a post soon for those folks. A very kind newly indicted MDE student wrote out a post that he allowed me to share with my readers here on Sincerely, Meagan. Keep y'all posted! Have a great week!



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