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The Granddaddy (NYC, Lower East Side/Chinatown)

FEATURED: Black sesame latte

There are always new coffee shops to explore in NYC! Gotta love it. Close by Grand street train station (hence the name of the place) and is really spacious. Came on a Friday early afternoon and was able to find a comfortable seat at a table. They also have a few couch areas that are laptop free for those who want to come in and catch up with friends. They also have FREE WIFI, a bathroom, and a small selection of pastries and baked goods. Great space to do work or chat with friends.

The black sesame latte was just ok. It wasn't that strong of the black sesame and tasted a lot of milk. I also got the Japanese-styled iced coffee (which apparently was just iced drip coffee according to the barista??). That was actually really good! Would get it again!

Have a great weekend, y'all!



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