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Communal Coffee (North Park, San Diego)

FEATURED: Flower latte flight (lavender honey latte, sparkling water, rose vanilla latte)

Another super cute coffee shop in San Diego. North Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego, and highly suggest anyone visit to stop by! They use Sightglass Coffee Roasters. There's so much to eat and drink and see. Both lattes were delicious and you can definitely taste both the lavender and honey in the lavender honey latte. The rose vanilla latte was pretty light in flavor, but just enough for me. A lot of individuals were in here either studying or chatting with friends. The outdoor area is also a nice place to soak up the sun while sipping on some delicious coffee or eating one of their many delicious toasts. Stop by their little area where they sell fun gifts and beautiful flowers! As you venture deeper into the shop, there is more communal seating. Another coffee shop for you to write down on your list! And if you're in need of other plants to liven up your room, there's a nursery right next door!

Back in NYC and wishing there was more space to have these kinds of beautiful coffee shops!



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