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Arches National Park (Moab, Utah)

Delicate Arch

Hi, friends! So sorry for this long break from blogging! I am currently on spring break and came to San Diego where A currently resides. We took off from San Diego to Utah for a few days to do some much needed hiking at a few National Parks. It was amazing to escape the winter storms on the East Coast and just spend time basking in the sun.

Our first national park visit was to Arches. I won't really go into depth with each hike as I do with the other hiking posts, but if you would like me to break it down for you more than this, just let me know in the comments section! We did a major one (Devil's Garden ~ 7.2 miles loop) which was composed of a lot of hiking on sand, through rocks, etc. It was a lot of fun actually and not as strenuous as some make it out to be. The views and landscapes are pretty cool though!

Double O Arch

We also hiked to see the Double O arch, the landscape arch, the North and South windows, the famous Delicate arch, and so much more!

Double Arch
Landscape Arch

You could definitely do a single day trip to Arches and hit all the good spots.

South Window

Next post will be about my time at Zion NP!

I ♡ nature!



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