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I'm a nurse acting as a nurse? Ready for my Oscar nomination. 💁🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍⚕️

Every nursing program has a Fundamentals of Nursing course. This course is basically Nursing 101, getting your feet wet. It's an intro for nursing students to gain both the foundational didactic nursing knowledge and skills. The Fundamentals professor here at Columbia is taking it to a whole new level by creating a small mini movie where a night nurse (ME!) gives handoff to the day nurse (an actress). Our patient (also an actress) got a bunch of special effects makeup to make her arm and legs look all scratched and bruised up. These images are in the process to the final product (didn't catch a pic of it sorry!).

Essentially, our made up elderly patient fell and has a hip fracture. She's getting ready for surgery and I'm the night nurse who gives hand-off to the day shift nurse. It's quitteeee the monologue haha. The students are also able to see how the day shift nurse checks ID band, does vital signs, administer medication, patient educate, teach about incentive spirometer, etc.

HCP and clinic made up!

Super fun opportunity and totally kidding about the Oscar nomination. Just basic nurse stuff. But for all of you about to attend Columbia in the Summer, you'll see my face! Haha!



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