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Remi Flower & Coffee (NYC, Midtown East)

FEATURED: Cappuccino and almond croissant

Such a cute space!! Picture worthy? Very much so. They use La Colombe coffee (one of my top faves!). My cappuccino was just right with that strong espresso taste I like rather than something that tastes milked down. They also have a selection of pastries to choose from. They have one larger communal table (maybe could fit 4-6 if you really squeeze) and two smaller tables for maybe 2-3 people catching up with conversation. They have free WiFi as well so it made it a nice place to study. Their plants add a lot of life to the shop. Several people came in not for the coffee but to purchase some flowers and plants. They seem a bit pricey for me, but then again, I haven't really shopped around for plants in NYC so maybe the prices are normal?? I'm not often on the east side but I would definitely come back!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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