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Maman Tribeca (NYC, Tribeca)

January 28, 2018

FEATURED: Lavender hot chocolate & nutty chocolate chip cookie


So, not necessarily a coffee beverage, but I had already had a coffee earlier in the day and this sounded too good to not try! It also did NOT disappoint. You can definitely taste the lavender in the drink, but it wasn't too overwhelming. I personally wish the hot chocolate was a little richer, but that's just personal preference! The nutty chocolate chip cookie was very good as well! Compared to Levain's walnut chocolate chip cookie, Maman's is definitely not as dense, and has more crunch to it. 


This location had a restaurant portion to it, but they had a selection of benches with low coffee tables for those who want to do some work. Not a super ideal situation to getting work done, but they do have free wifi and a bathroom. Would definitely come again! And perhaps come for a sit down breakfast/brunch. Would also try their SoHo location as well. 







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