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Gotan (NYC, Tribeca)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

Gotan is an excellent place if you want to catch up with a friend over coffee (and a snack/meal) or even to get some work done. They have FREE WiFi, your coffee fix (brewing Counter Culture coffee), a wide selection of baked goods and meals (anything from soups, salads, sandwiches), plenty of outlets, a lot of seating, and a unisex bathroom. They also play really great music at this location in Tribeca. Today, they were playing a lot of old school music and top hits from today, but they were all acoustic covers and it was really nice! It did get a bit loud at times as a lot of people were chatting it up with others. For a weekday, it was pretty busy the few hours I spent there. It wasn't impossible to find a seat, but it did feel a bit cramped.

I also had the Salmon Bialy (smoked salmon on a bagel) and it was good, but I don't think the size and amount given was necessarily worth the $10 price tag. Maybe I should've gotten a sandwich or soup instead.

All in all, would definitely come back to do work! Great place to plop yourself a few hours and they have all your basic essentials. They also have others locations around the city. I believe there is also one in Midtown some place which may be more accessible to those living Uptown.

Have a great rest of your week, friends!



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