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Pretty chill second semester of DNP?

FOR NOW, this is what my schedule looks like for my Spring Semester. I am still trying to figure out which day I will be going into clinical. This semester, I will be going to a primary care clinic in the Bronx. I am hoping to go in either Thursday or Friday? As you can tell, my schedule is kind of all over the place? Some classes I have every other week, some end by the end of this month, some are on a schedule of their own. It'll force me to have to stay on top of my scheduling.

In other news, I have been able to hit the gym more often and am thinking of picking up new side hobbies/projects. Embroidery is one of them! Haha. Bought this little set from Marshalls on a complete whim. You can probably even see it in this picture that my stitching is not very good AT ALL. I'll also have to switch to different kinds of stitching knots for the flowers which I am going to have to learn from YouTube videos. The over under stitching for the "hello" was simple enough for me to figure out on my own. Haha. I just wanted to keep y'all updated with my life since I haven't been posting as much.

Things are just so much calmer compared to my Master's program which was super accelerated and non-stop. It is restaurant week until Feb 8th so I am going to try to go to a few spots! In NYC, restaurant week is $29 prix fixe for lunch and $42 prix fixe for dinner. It's also broadway week (2 for 1 tickets) so i'll see if there are seats for that??

I am also on track to start a part time RN job by the end of March so I'm also trying to absorb all this free time to the fullest before my schedule becomes more full. More deets in the future! Have a great week, friends!



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