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Reflecting on 2017 || Excited for 2018!

Reflecting on 2017...

What a journey 2017 was! I hope all of you had an experience in 2017 that left you smiling and/or enlightened -- a happy moment, a proud moment, a moment of clarity.

As for me, I am recalling the moment I graduated from my Master's in Nursing program in May... the day I ACTUALLY completed my Master's curriculum in August.. the start of my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) program in September. These were huge milestones for me. I also got to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend in New Haven, Connecticut who studies at Yale Public Health! We volunteered at the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. I am also thankful for spending my winter break and Christmas with my family in San Francisco, and spending the last few days of the 2017 with my Mammoth crew at Mammoth Lakes for snowboarding and natural hot tubbing.

Here's a picture reel of some (seriously, just a handful) of my 2017 highlights:

Started off 2017 with a New Year's hike in Los Angeles. Within the black circle is a smog-filled downtown LA!

That one time me and my friends got rained out for about 30 minutes during a Yankees vs Brewers game.

That day me and some nursing friends went to Coney Island for the first (and quite possibly last) time. Fun fact: i loveeee roller coasters!

That one celebration of my mom's birthday with a hike! Sign says trail closed, but we are dare devils. :PP

That one July 4th in NYC on a friend's apartment! What a view!

That one time I gradated with my Master's!

That day I performed my first pelvic (bimanual and pap smear) exam on a REAL person!

That one time the CDC flew me to Washington DC to do a story telling event on breast health.

That second time me and A went to Sushi Nakazawa in NYC. #FAVEOMAKASE

That one time me and my friends went to a Hallmark holiday pop up event in NYC!


Excited for 2018!

I have a good feeling about 2018, y'all. But I hope I'm not jinxing it by stating that! Although... I did spend New Year's in the hallway of the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA.... (long story short -- I joined A and his friends for NYE, we were waiting in line in a hallway to get up to the rooftop of the hotel...we did not make it LOL). OTHER THAN THAT...

A and I spent 3 days during the first week of January 2018 in Yosemite National Park. We hiked all three days and were incredibly pooped. Living NYC for grad school has been fun and all, but I have missed being immersed in nature so much! We got back home and spent some time in SF relaxing and spending time with my family.

I just got back to NYC yesterday morning and did grocery shopping and unpacking of my luggage. The semester begins tomorrow, and not too sure if I am completelyyyyy ready to jump back into school mode, but... I just wanna get all this schooling done with!! LET'S DO THIS! In other news... I went running outdoors today in 30 deg F weather. ME?! RUNNING?! I was surprised, too.

I am also trying to get organized again this 2018. Last year, I used an Erin Condren life planner, and I got another one for this year. I bought mine during Black Friday when they had a free shipping deal. Use code WELCOME10 for $10 off your purchase! This code doesn't expire and cannot be combined with any other deals or discounts.

I am currently using this one below in the vertical layout:

Here's a link to their website:

Here's a picture reel of my 2018 so far:

That one time me and A went to Yosemite and witnessed spectacular views. This one is of Vernal Falls.

That one time my mom and I went on a mini hike to Mile Rock beach during sunset.

That one time I .. RAN?! In Central Park in 30 deg F weather.



Some thoughts (tips, goals, reminders) to myself as I enter 2018....

  • Stay organized

  • Review powerpoints the same day the lecture was given (this will be a toughy)

  • Take your biotin daily

  • Find new recipes to cook!

  • Empower yourself to empower others

  • Be a better active listener

  • Connect with friends more outside of school hours

  • Watch more Broadway musicals

  • Start conversations with strangers more

  • In general, become a better conversationalist!

  • Compliment people more

  • Stay active!

  • Your journey is different than others

  • You do you!

  • I will keep this list updated as I think of new things to add!

Hoping you all had a grand start of your week! Stay warm!



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