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Beanstalk Cafe (SF, Outer Richmond)

January 12, 2018




So the Village Market coffee shop + market ( closed and the Beanstalk Cafe sprouted in its place. (was that sentence lame? oh well!! bahaha). The inside changed up a bit with more tables and space. Great place to do work as well, they have free Wifi! I forgot to check if they have a restroom available for customers (one of the big things I look for at coffee shops aside from free wifi). Quality coffee, good vibes, they also have food options as well! 



Top: cortado

Bottom: cappuccino


Hope you are all had a great week! I am still on my winter break and not in school/work mode yet, so please forgive me for any delayed responses to emails/comments! I am also going to be working on a post reflecting on 2017 and my hopes and goals for 2018. Talk to y'all soon!






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