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Morning class cancelled? Taking advantage of the simulation lab!

Our Translation & Synthesis class was cancelled for Friday morning, so some of my FNP peers were able to go into open simulation hours! The simulation lab instructor for Friday mornings is an amazing FNP who actually graduated Columbia's program just 3 years ago. She seemed so confident and knowledgable, hoping to get to that point one day!

She taught us how to suture for the first time. She went over IV insertion, and showed us a step by step for a pelvic exam. Check out the little pink cervix below!

Glad to be able to use all the new equipment in the simulation lab. It seriously enhances the learning experience. Some of the acute care NP students were practicing central lines just across from us. Later that day, we were in groups and worked on a standardized patient for stroke protocol.

Anyway, hope you're all having a fabulous start to December!



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