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Saltwater Coffee (NYC, East Village)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

Saltwater Coffee is an Australian coffee shop tucked inside the East Village. They have a small bar area facing the front window that can seat maybe 3-4 people. Another 2 round tables can be shared to get some work done. They have free WiFi, limited plugs, no bathroom, but great coffee! It wasn't too busy for me so I was able to grab a seat at a round table for a few hours to do some personal reading.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, friends! I hope you're surrounded by loved ones, or do something that makes you truly happy.

I am actually in New Haven right now with my best friend who goes to Yale for her MPH. Exploring this quaint little town for the next few days. We will be spending a part of our Thanksgiving Day at the local soup kitchen then making some home made dishes for a little get together with some of her friends.

Talk to you all soon! Stuff your faces!



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