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Buvette (NYC, West Village)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

This cute little French-American brunch restaurant is in West Village, one of my favorite places to stroll around in NYC. I had a hangout with another girl in my Family NP program, just to chat, get to know each other more. She is truly inspirational and perhaps I will get her to do a guest post one day! She is incredibly passionate about plant-based diets, cooking, art, photography, etc.

Anyway -- back to Buvette, cute brunch spot. I had their cappuccino which was a little on the weaker side, but their waffle sandwich featured here was super yummy! The maple syrup was delicious and the bacon was slightly sweetened as well. Yum! To my surprise, the place was also pretty busy on a Monday around 11am. I had to wait about 15 minutes for a table for 2. Would come back though! Although the portions are a little small for the prices, the food was very tasty and unique!

Also, sorry for the lack of posts recently! I guess I've been having a lot of me time and hanging out with friends and enjoying those moments! I have been reading and responding to emails and comments on various posts, though! Also -- not sure if you get emails when I respond to a comment, but be sure to go back to the post you've commented on to see my response!

Talk to y'all again soon!



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