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Mary Dickey Lindsay '45 Luncheon & Simulation Demo

I had the pleasure of meeting this WONDERFUL woman, Mary Dickey Lindsay, at the Dean's Reception last year and a few occasions throughout the year. Columbia Nursing offers scholarships to their MDE and DNP students. Last year during my Master's program, I was selected to have a named scholarship. Being one of the few Mary Dickey Lindsay '45 Nursing Scholars has come with so much inspiration, pride, and appreciation for some of the amazing individuals here at Columbia Nursing. The two current MDE students here in scrubs were also named Mary Dickey Lindsay Scholars this year! How awesome! (okay is it a little weird that i'm the only one looking at the camera in this shot? lol)

I had the opportunity of learning about Mary's life dedicated to family planning and international work. At one point in her successful career, she was president and chairman of Planned Parenthood NYC. What a dream! I also had the opportunity to speak to her granddaughter who spoke of her grandmother's work internationally helping develop family planning clinics.

Just as a little background, this soon-to-be 98 year old and her family donated $1 million to our new nursing school building's high-tech simulation center. It is such a great space for students to learn and practice skills! Students will no longer have to say "I am going to connect the tube to suction" and have it all be pretend. They can actually do it in this new facility! I have had the opportunity to use the space on a few occasions and anticipate on going in more during open lab hours to refine my skills.

It was a wonderful time at the luncheon being able to demonstrate some of the equipment we have to a group of Mary Lindsay's family and closest friends who joined at the event. A nice lunch with some wine on the 7th floor rooftop is always a plus!

Wishing Mary a happy happy birthday & a HUGE thank you!



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