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NCLEX SERIES (Pt. 2: Day Before NCLEX & Day Of the NCLEX)

WELCOME TO NCLEX BLOG POST SERIES PART 2: Day before the NCLEX & Day of the NCLEX (how I physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared myself for the big day!)

Here is the link to my Pre-NCLEX Series Blog Post (all about what the NCLEX exam is): click me

Here is the link to my NCLEX SERIES (Pt. 1: Studying for the NCLEX) post: click me


Most individuals will say -- DON'T do any studying the day before the exam. Go pamper yourself, eat some dessert, get a good night's sleep!

  • · I'll admit, I did go over a few lab values throughout the day that I wanted to remember... I couldn't help it! :P

  • · I basically just watched NETFLIX all day

  • · I ate some of my Trader Joe's Mint Chip ice cream

  • · Light a candle, put on a face mask :)

  • · I tried my BEST to go to sleep early. My exam was at 8am and I needed to get there at least 30 minutes earlier!


  • · Eat BREAKFAST! I don't know about you, but I always feel worried that I'm going to get sooo hungry during an exam and then I won't be able to concentrate on the questions themselves!

  • · Pack SNACKS and a water bottle! You can't bring them INTO the actual testing room, but you will be given a locker to put your belongings in (don't forget, throughout the NCLEX, you can take breaks where you can step outside of the testing room to eat your snack, take a breather, use the restroom) -- if you take a break though, the clock doesn't pause and it continues to count down time!

  • · HOW TO DRESS: No hats, no watches, try to keep accessories to a minimum. The testing proctors WILL make you put your hat and watch inside the locker. Wear a tee shirt or a light sweater. You want to be comfortable!

  • Again, make sure to get the the testing site at least 30 minutes early since check-in takes some time.


  • · My heart was RACING when I sat in the test taking room - take a few DEEP breaths before you put your hand on the mouse and start clicking

  • · Remember that the beginning of the NCLEX exam is taking you through how to click around and navigate the system (ie. hitting the next button, using the calculator, etc)

  • · Keep continuing to breathe, ONE QUESTION AT A TIME

  • · Noise canceling headphones are available for you to use. They weren't that great, but meh.

  • · If you get past 75 questions, DON'T PANIC. Keep going, one question at a time, deep breaths, you're still in the game!

That concludes this post of the series! Let me know if you have any other questions or your own suggestions/tips in the comments section!!



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