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Cafe Grumpy (NYC, Chelsea)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

I'm surprised I haven't tried this coffee shop yet! It is a little hidden within Chelsea, away from any really big shops. Cafe Grumpy looks like a tiny shop from the outside, but extends pretty deep inside with an outdoor patio spot. They have plenty of small tables and make DELICIOUS coffee. They brew their own Cafe Grumpy coffee, and wow... I was pretty impressed! Definitely bookmark this place and check it out. NO WiFi (unfortunately), but they have a restroom for use. I could definitely see myself doing work in here if I did not need any WiFi. Even plopping down with a nice book would make for a nice time.

It's starting to cool down a bit here in NYC, but I'm still wondering... am I ready to swap out my closet for my Fall/Winter clothes?? This whole concept of switching out the closet is still so new to me!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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