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TAP NYC (NYC, Upper West Side)

September 24, 2017

 FEATURED: Cappuccino


TAP NYC is a relatively new-ish coffee shop in the UWS! They brew with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters so I had a nice cup of coffee as I was working on an assignment. Free WifI! The tables are mainly two-seater types and can get pretty crowded. They have a public restroom and great customer service! They pretty much forgot about the food I ordered.... but gave me two additional free drinks to compensate for the long wait. Featured below is the "tapioca crepe" that they kind of use to publicize themselves. I had a smoked salmon one. It's basically like a bagel but instead, they use tapioca! Tapioca is not just in boba (bubble tea) drinks! 


Would definitely come again to do some work, but would have a backup plan in case it got too crowded! 


Have a beautiful, Sunday!






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