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White Coat "Ceremony"

I HAVE OFFICIALLY WHITE COATED UP! This was Columbia Nursing's first time doing just a "white coat event" for their Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) students since it was always done during graduation in the past. I know, it's a little confusing and weird. What you just need to know that this wasn't necessarily a "ceremony" because it was pretty informal and we didn't get to invite family and friends to celebrate this momentous event :( I know, right?! We were all pretty sad and frustrated by it, too. But anyway, we are still happy to be able to wear these fabulous white coats with business casual wear during our clinical days.

I am in the nursing home once a week for clinicals during this semester, so I get to put on this bad boy tomorrow! Woot woot! Cheers to all my fellow classmates!!! We are one step closer to becoming nurse practitioners! Two more years of didactic and one year of residency to go! We can do it!

Alright, time to shower and KO. I had a pretty tiring day today. Shadowed a nurse practitioner at Rockefeller University. Got to sit in on her interaction with one of her appointments. She had amazing insight to the field of nursing, nurse practitioners, and made some interesting points about how it's not necessarily that important to have RN experience before becoming a nurse practitioner. This has been long debated upon, so I will share that discussion for a later post.

Just wanted to share this joyous moment with you all. <3



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