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I had some mediocre coffee but I do have some GREAT news!

FEATURED: Cappuccino

This cappuccino was my "treat" right after taking the NCLEX on Tuesday. I finished the exam, took a breather, walked outside and decided I wanted to grab a cappuccino! Meh coffee from this new-ish shop by Times Square. A lot of business people and other professionals getting their caffeine fix here. A little disappointed that it wasn't that strong or great of a drink, but it's okay because I was DONE with the exam!


And for some good news....

Some participating states allow you to pay $7.95 for "Quick Results" for the NCLEX 48 hours after taking the exam. So... you know what today is! Today is the day! I've been sleeping relatively early lately (at least before 1am) since I've been training my body for that 8am NCLEX exam time.

I woke up probably before 8am today not even because I wanted to. I just started working on some assignments for class and .... then I logged into Pearson VUE (the testing company) and payed the fee and BAM! UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: PASS !!! I'll get my official official RN license number in the next few weeks!

Feeling incredibly happy, relieved, thankful (for all the support from family and friends), and so proud to be a Registered Nurse. There is so much to be proud of with the nursing profession, and I am so humbled and grateful for the path I have been on. (I'll blog about my study process in the near future -- I've gotta catch up on school work!!)

Congratulating all those out there who recently found out they passed as well! And rooting for those who have yet to take it!

Have faith in your dreams, everyone!


Meagan, MSN, RN

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