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ALMOST off the NCLEX land train ride!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give y'all a quick update. So I've been a little MIA.... and with GOOD reason.. I've been studying my BUTT off for the NCLEX RN licensing board exam. I literally JUST TOOK IT this morning and came home to do this "Pearson Vue Trick" to see if I pretty much passed. I've read up a lot on the "trick" and haven't read anything about people failing after a "good pop-up" so... fingers crossed. I'll explain in depth more about what this means later! Outlooks seem good, but I'll wait the 48 hours (NY state and several other states have a 48 hours "quick results" for unofficial pass/ no pass results) to arrive online before I officially officially celebrate with all of you!

I will definitely do a post about how I studied for the NCLEX, what I and my peers liked/didn't like about certain study techniques/resources, and how I mentally prepare the day before and day of. For now... I just want to eat some ice cream, maybe drink some wine, watch some TV, and RELAX! It's been over a week into the DNP program so far and I haven't been too focused on schoolwork (NCLEX takes a toll on ya) since nothing has been due yet, but today and tomorrow will definitely be spent kind of readjusting.

Catch up with you all again soon!



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