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So I've done a few things to the blog 🤔


Ability to comment on each single blog post? YES! Finally I figured it out... took me long enough am I right? Now you can make comments or questions pertaining to the specific post you are reading about! How fun! Show me some loveeeee <3



I've decided to keep the page I have had with all the comments in the past. I think it's a fun way for readers to interact with me and interact with other readers! A sort of open forum in a way!



You can now like single blog posts! :) Much appreciated so I can keep tabs of what sorts of posts are getting more attention.


The Kaplan website doesn't come back up till tomorrow so I've been doing this... working on the blog a bit and studying from the Saunders Comprehensive Review book for the NCLEX-RN exam. I will be working on a post later on (hopefully after I have passed the NCLEX) about how I studied.

Happy Sunday!



P.S... I'm thinking about taking out the "Hiking" category as it has been too difficult now with my schedule to really go on THAT many hikes to keep it a category of its own on my blog. Perhaps I'll bring it back again in the future when I'm more settled? We'll see. For now, I'll leave it.

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