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Home (SF, Outer Richmond)

FEATURED: Rose latte & BR-AVO (bacon radish avocado toast) + NCLEX review book

Back in San Francisco for my break before I start the Doctorate program next month! Although it's a break... it's really not. I have to study for the NCLEX exam to obtain RN licensure. I'm already signed up for classes and everything for the DNP, but the RN licensure is essential in order to do my clinical rotations as a NP student. PRAY FOR ME! WISH ME LUCK! SEND ME GOOD VIBEZZZ. I will do a post about how I studied for the NCLEX in the few weeks to come. The NCLEX book above is a comprehensive review of NCLEX content we should know for the exam. Columbia Nursing students were also required to purchase a Kaplan online course so that is what I have been spending my time with -- drilling questions, remediating, etc.


Home cafe originally opened their first location in the Sunset district and they recently opened their second location in the Outer Richmond which works out better for me!

Unique, quality coffee, free wifi, great study space, bathroom, food, and some of the nicest baristas you will ever meet! Home makes you feel at home. I could sit here for hours (which I basically did!). Make your way Home (at either locations) for some unique coffee and super friendly staff!

Here's to many more cups of coffee for the rest of break!



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