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August 12, 2017


I'M DONE DONE DONE!!! This girl is OFFICIALLY done with her Master's program. If you recall, I had a formal graduation ceremony back in May, but still hadn't finished all my classes. Well.... I am now proud to say that I finished this past Thursday! WAHOOOO! Although the course load was lighter than any other semester I have had, the classes themselves were challenging (advanced pharmacology and advanced physical assessment). Moving on!! We also had a crash course for the NCLEX from Kaplan in the middle of the semester as well since we are all preparing to take it VERY soon! 


It's crazy to think that I will be starting the DOCTORATE in the Fall. Things are moving fast, friends. Remember to take the time to promote self-care for your emotional and mental well-being! 


In other news, the Ni Hao, Columbia!/Dígame programs had their graduation on Friday where we celebrated those who participated in the summer medical Chinese or medical Spanish language courses. Really grateful to have been taught by a NP student here at Columbia who is seriously #GOALS. Hoping all the resources I have accumulated from the past 8 weeks are put into good use when I am back in the clinical setting throughout my DNP and future career! 


Definitely giving myself this weekend to take a breather before I dive into some kind of NCLEX study schedule. Have a great weekend, everyone!





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