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Happy Bones (NYC, Little Italy)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

Happy Bones is a tiny tiny coffee shop with only 3 small round tables and little seating. It's the perfect grab and go kind of coffee shop since it's near SoHo and other shops. I thought I could come and stay to study a while, but I realized it's more of a catch-up with friends/read a couple chapters of a book kind of coffee shop. Their coffee is pretty decent. Their cappuccino was a little on the lighter tasting side, but it was still good. I would definitely pop in again if I was in the area and wanted my classic go-to cappuccino.

In other news... I am almost done with my MASTER'S DEGREE, y'all!!! By the end of the week, I'll be back home in California and will be starting my Doctorate in Nursing Practice in September! EEPS!!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!



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