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Project Cozy (Little Italy, NYC)

FEATURED: Cozy mint coffee & early grey puff

Wow, a real time blog post! I am currently sitting in Project Cozy enjoying the featured above. I guess I am really trying to put off studying for the day. Project Cozy is located right next to SoHo (I was pretty temped to walk into a few clothing stores on my way...BUT I DIDN'T!). I got their signature drink, the cozy mint coffee. It only comes iced. It tastes pretty good, very similar to the mint iced coffee at Philz Coffee back in California. I would say that it tastes pretty milked down. I like being able to taste my espresso, but I wouldn't say the drink is horrible or anything! The cream puffs I believe are also from Bibble and Sip, a NYC pastry shop. I PROBABLYYY shouldn't be eating something like this first thing in the morning, but. MEHHHH. FINALS ARE COMING, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Cute decor, free WiFi, a bathroom with a code, tables are pretty tiny, I can barely fit my laptop and my drink and pastry on the table, but very the interior is very spacious and spread out. The music is also bomb dot com. They play singer-songwriter electronic pop type music that I am totally digging right now. -- Flume, ODESZA, Disclosure, BROODS, New Navy, Fais, etc. etc. and a bunch more Flume lol.




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