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Toby's Estate Coffee (NYC, Flatiron District)

FEATURED: Iced Cortado

Perfect on a hot day out walking along 5th ave. This tiny coffee shop connected to Club Monaco clothing store features a collection of books and other goods from The Strand bookstore for sale in the back. They also sell a variety of candles, flowers, and cacti. Their iced coratdo was the iced espresso + milk drink I needed on a hot day in NYC. Good for stop and go coffee, not necessarily to sit and do work/chat.

I've got a WEEK of Kaplan prep coming up. A Kaplan NCLEX teacher is to come to our school and spend 4 long days with us to teach us tricks and tips for taking the NCLEX. I have a feeling I'm going to be craving these iced cortados every morning this week.

Stay awake, y'all!



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