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Recap of the past week: Yankees Game, CHF Simulation, NSSRH, DailyNurse, Lecture w/ a view

How are my posts doing for all of you? Frequent enough? Not frequent enough? Certain topics you want me to touch upon more? Leave me a comment in the ???/ Comments tab!

Anyway, a quick recap of the past week or so -->

-- Yankees Game

I went to the Yankees vs Brewers game with a few nursing friends last Friday. They had a free Yankees beach towel promotional giveaway! It also served as a nice shield... the weather was pretty decent during the afternoon - clear skies, in the mid-high 70s. Then all of a sudden... DOWN POUR. There was a rain delay for a little while. The Yankees lost... but the food, free giveaway, and good company were all worth it in the end!

-- CHF Simulation

The School of Nursing is trying to do more simulation labs where we have case scenarios and we practice as though it were the real deal. We had a mannequin patient this time. Our simulation was on a congestive heart failure (CHF) patient. We had a fictional past medical history, chief complaint, lab values, orders, etc. We went up in pairs to do assessments, take vital signs, and decide a plan of action (whether it was to administer medication - which they actually had there, hang lines, set up nasal cannula, call the healthcare provider to report red flags, etc). This all happened in the old nursing building, so it wasn't as high-tech as it will be in the new nursing building, but it was still a neat experience.

-- Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSSRH)

I signed up to be a board member for the NSSRH student org on campus and we had our first intro meeting recently. We discussed various events that we've done in the past and what we hope to do for the upcoming year. I find the Spring Speakers series to be a pretty neat aspect of what the org does. Various speakers come in for talks and workshops to help expand our knowledge in sexual and reproductive health. There are speakers who discuss pelvic floor muscles, birth control, abortion, etc. And there is also a popular "papaya workshop" where students can learn how to perform an abortion on a papaya. There is also an opportunity to practice inserting IUDs (not on real humans). Looking forward to seeing what else is in store!

-- DailyNurse

I got in contact with someone from the DailyNurse online nursing journal and I recently had a post published on their website! I shared 5 Tips for Surviving an Accelerated Nursing Program. You can check it out here:

-- Lecture with a view

Just a random thing I wanted to share with all of you, haha. Our advanced pharm class was taught in one of the lecture halls in the new Columbia medical school buildings. The view in the background behind the projector is of a terrace overlooking the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. Beautiful! Too bad it's super stormy 88 F weather outside.

I just wanted to thank all of you again for following along my journey! It really means a lot to me knowing that people find comfort, enlightenment, and entertainment in reading my posts. Talk to you all soon!



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