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Birch Coffee // Variety Coffee (NYC, Flatiron // Chelsea)

Two coffee shops in one day?! Yep... I had some Advanced Pharm lectures to catch up on!

First stop... Birch Coffee! There are multiple locations, but the one in Flatiron has been one of my faves so far. They have plenty of seating, friendly staff, good music, a bathroom, and GREATTTT tasting coffee. No WiFi though. Thanks to Yelp, I knew this ahead of time and downloaded my lectures before heading out.

FEATURED: Cappuccino

They had this cool concept at the front by the espresso machine. They encourage people to grab a card to talk to new people in the coffee shop. Some of the cards read, "Tell me about the genre of a movie about your life." "Tell me about your favorite superhero when you were little." "Ask me about my first date." "Tell me about one life-changing book I should read." etc.. We should all make an effort to connect with other human beings! It's a shame I badly needed to put in headphones and listen to pharm. :P


Next STOP... Variety Coffee in Chelsea! YES to WiFi and YES to bathroom! One of my mentees also met up with me to do some work at the coffee shop as well!

FEATURED: Cappuccino

Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed with the coffee here. :/ It was pretty burnt tasting. I also overheard a girl next to me drinking a cold brew saying that her drink tasted like "burnt water." Overall, I really liked the atmosphere and the fact that they had free wifi, bathroom, and outlets, but the coffee could be better. Or maybe it was just a bad batch? I would pop in again to see if it was just an off day.




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