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New Building Dedication Ceremony! Columbia Nursing has a new home ❤️

What an exciting evening being at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Columbia Nursing's new home! The new building has a total of 7 floors (the 7th being a rooftop with an amazing view!). The first floor includes a beautiful atrium and a nice cafe for students to enjoy. There's also tons of natural lighting everywhere.

The second and third floors are my favorite part of the new building... SIMULATION LABS! These simulations labs are equipped with hospital stretchers, high fidelity manikins, outpatient clinic rooms with one way mirrors for instructors to watch student performance, an OR room, etc. All in all... I am so excited to utilize all of the space and high-tech equipment. The other floors are mainly administrative, but there are study rooms/conference rooms and such throughout the building for students. The seventh floor has an indoor space and this amazing wrap around view that overlooks the George Washington Bridge and lower Manhattan.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Mary Dickey Lindsay again! I was named one of the Mary Dickey Lindsay '45 Scholars this past Dean's Reception and had the pleasure of meeting her at the event in March. For a woman in her 90s, her spirit and excitement for the continual progression of Columbia Nursing always spreads to those around her. Again, I love being a part of these celebrations here at Columbia Nursing. You meet these amazing alumni, and you also get to know some of your peers a little more!

Columbia Nursing is simply filled with inspiring individuals who continue to motivate you to strive for your goals and challenge you to dream bigger.

No class tomorrow for me! :) Have a great weekend, everyone!



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