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First day of my last semester in the Master's portion!

For those popping in recently, you may be a little confused. Yes, I technically "graduated" from the Master's portion a couple weeks ago. It was the formal ceremony where my cohort walked across the stage in caps and gowns and shook hands with our Dean. BUT... we still need to finish up this last Summer semester before we can officially take the next big step... NCLEX exam!

This Summer semester doesn't seem TOO bad. Our course load is definitely lighter compared to the previous semesters, but we are also supposed to start taking the NCLEX exam more seriously. That means doing more Kaplan practice exams so we can be more prepared to take and pass the NCLEX in order to be RN licensed. This is especially crucial for me and some other students who are continuing on to the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program starting in the Fall here at Columbia so we can become Nurse Practitioners.

Excited for some nice four day weekends this Summer (classes are only Tues-Thurs)! But I also know I need to work hard to finish strong in these courses and to get into NCLEX study mode. I also took on three mentees in the new cohort so I also want to make time to meet up with them and help with their transition into the program and this city (also hoping they have time for me! the first semester of the Master's program is intenseeeee).

Ta-ta for now! Crazy I'm finishing up soon and starting the Doctorate this Fall. :O



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