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Sweet Moment (Chinatown, NYC)

FEATURED: Creamart Matcha

You're probably wondering... what is CREAMART???

Well here you go! -->

There are 3 different kinds of flavors, but my aunt and I chose to try to matcha. It tasted really nice! You can definitely taste the matcha powder. The consistency is sort of creamy and sort of liquidy. You don't really taste that typical strong cold brew taste that much, but more so of the matcha. Really cute interior decor, but kind of a steep price at $5. Would probably come back again to try the other flavors or the shaved ice!

Also, sorry I've been so MIA! After my parents left NYC, I went to Boston where my boyfriend goes to school and I went up to Niagara Falls with him and his parents for a quick trip. I have a few more weeks of my break before summer semester starts, so I'm trying to soak it all up as much as I can!

Talk to you soon!



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