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GRADUATED WITH MY MASTER'S DEGREE IN NURSING! ( but still have one more summer semester left)

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WOOHOO! It's seriously been a whirlwind this past week. I finished up my last week of clinical integration then immediately meeting my parents up as they flew in from California. Currently sitting in my bed trying to recall the events from the past couple days! Parents currently in flight back to CA, and missing them a lot already :(

On Monday, I was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International nursing honors society. To be inducted at the Master's level, you need > 3.5 GPA. It was a fun time getting to see all my friends again since we were all separated for integration. Hope being a member of STTI comes with benefits and good networking opportunities!

Finally, on Tuesday my aunt and parents came to watch me walk across the stage and graduate for my Master's degree! Plot twist: I also was awarded the Alumni Association Award which is given to a student who "demonstrates active commitment to developing and maintaining alumni support for the school." I was caught off guard hearing my name called since I had no idea this was even some type of award a student could receive! But I am very thankful for the work of the Alumni staff. I've had the pleasure of working with many of the faculty in the Alumni office on several occasions and am always greeted with such warmth and support.

Anyway, it's pretty crazy that in just a few months, I will be taking the NCLEX (and passing) and officially becoming a Registered Nurse! And then after that, more years of schooling to get my Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) to become a family nurse practitioner! Time is moving fast. I am really glad that some of the best people I have met so far in my cohort are sticking around for the DNP as well. I'm gonna NEED them to stay sane and motivated.

It's true, this program itself isn't perfect. But is any program out there truly perfect? There were some rough patches with certain courses/professors/instructors/administrative staff/etc., but the speakers at the graduation reminded me of something.

The speakers were inspiring. They reminded me of the magic of the nursing profession and why I wanted to be a part of it all in the first place. I can't let certain things that aren't perfect about the program dissuade me from doing my best and becoming a successful healthcare professional.

Surround yourself with people who motivate you to do better, try to remain optimistic (and have a sense of humor!), treat yourself to mental breaks, and never forget about your passions and life changing experiences, let them motivate you and inspire you.

Have a great upcoming weekend, y'all!!



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