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Reflections ~ The End of Clinical Integration (last clinical experience of my Master's education

Feelin' pretty bittersweet today, y'all. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two. Look how awesome this cake is that my preceptor and some of the nurses got me!! (It said All the Best Meagan... but someone cut a slice out before I could get a full pic LOL) I have such deep respect and admiration for my nursing preceptor. She has this immense knowledge about nursing skill, intervention, pathophysiology. We would talk about all these different medical conditions, medications, etc. every day. Half the time I am on my phone trying to look up what she's talking about. I have learned so much from my preceptor for the past 6 weeks. She has inspired me to be a critical thinker. She has plenty of experience in critical care nursing and encourages me to always challenge myself to grow in my abilities/knowledge in this profession.

I will miss the routine morning coffee we get from the nurses in PACU.

I will miss learning something new EVERY single day.

I will miss randomly going to the ICU/ER/OR when we are done with patients in our normal department.

I will miss that face and "huh?" when I say the wrong answer, but it's a comical look so we laugh about it.

I will miss the way you speak so intelligently and passionately about every nursing concept you can imagine.

I will miss the way you swear like a sailor.

I will miss the way you saw "AWESOME"

I will miss the way you confide in me.

I will miss the way you let me stick you with IVs.

I will miss the way you are extremely attentive to people's accessories.

I will miss the way you dance to Jason Derulo.

I will miss your encouraging words.

Seriously hope to see her again. She has inspired me so much, and makes me want to be just as AWESOME as a nurse as you.

Clinical integration has been an amazing time for me and my peers to solely concentrate on clinical nursing and gather up skills as a nurse. It is the best part os far that Columbia nursing has offered me.

In a few days, I will be graduating! How crazy is that? I've been in NYC for just about a year now. I still have one more summer semester left of my Master education, but I am super excited to see what is in store for the future.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



P.S. This is mainly a note to myself so I can recall some pivotal events that occurred during my 6 weeks of integration. Meagan, hopefully you see these phrases and whatnot in the future and still recall these experiences.

1. The code - ED, suction, ICU, triple lumen

2. Levophed is NOT Levaquin (Levofloxacin)

3. Snow over grass, smoke over fire

4. MAP > 60

5. THE vascular surgeon

6. Two T's make an H (aka, check PTT when pt is on heparin)


8. The Penile Implant

9. Red Man's Syndrome (vanco pushed too quickly)

10. Post mortem pt in ED

Don't forget to text Factor G when you've passed the NCLEX!

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