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Happy Nurses Week!

This year was the first time I got to experience nurses week and all its festivities! At my hospital site, there are fun planned activities every day of this week. I wasn't in on Monday, so I missed the bigger celebration. But, on Tuesday, there was free breakfast and free lunch in the main conference room. There was also a nurses skills lab fair -- this was GREAT for me, a student. Something I really love about this profession is that you have to continually learn and refine skills throughout your career. For the hospital nurses, they were able to stop by various skills stations and gain continuing education credits (CE). Nurses keep it up with learning even when they're not in school! Registered nurses can get continuing education credits through attending conferences, seminars, lectures, or hospital educational activities.

During the skills fair, I was able to practice IVs (on a dummy arm), participate in pharmacology jeopardy, practice doing chest compressions, bladder scanner, central line dressing, chest tubes, ventilator settings, and chatted up with some pretty awesome nurses.

Anyway, seeing what nurses do on a daily basis is really inspiring. They are SOOO intelligent, strong willed, brave, compassionate, and caring. Super proud to be a part of this profession.

Have a great rest of your week, y'all!



P.S. This is my last week of integration!!! Super stoked for a nice relaxing break, but also kind of sad to be leaving my preceptor and hospital.

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