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Ludlow Coffee Supply (NYC, Lower East Side)


Left: Drip coffee

Right: Cappuccino

It's been since AUGUST since I have been able to hang out with my best friend from college. She is also the WORST texter on the planet so it gets hard having a long distance friendship with her. But you know... that one friend who is just gonna be there for the rest of your life? No matter what? Yea. She's that.

We didn't get to spend too much time in NYC together since I had some stuff to do for school and she had to leave for an orientation for a grad school program in another state.

ALRIGHT. Haha enough about that... on to the coffee. Ludlow Coffee Supply is in a great area in the LES, right near Katz's Delicatessen. The surrounding restaurants and stores are a perfect match to this tiny coffee shop. They have free WiFi and a bunch of small tables. They played a lot of R&B music that T was definitely digging. I would love to come back and study, but I can definitely see it getting packed since it's pretty small. They also have a bathroom! So that's always a plus in my opinion. Strong, smooth coffee for your daily fix.

Have a great upcoming week, y'all!



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