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Lang Youth Teaching Opportunity!

Happy Saturday!

Through Columbia Nursing, I was able to sign up for a neat teaching opportunity for the Lang Youth Medical Program. These group of young scholars interviewed, and were chosen to be a Lang Youth Scholar during the 6th grade. They spend their weekends and summers enhancing their science knowledge in the hopes of pursuing a career in the medical and nonmedical healthcare fields.

Today, I taught a group of bright 9th graders about Sexual and Reproductive Health. Specifically, we touched upon contraception. The lesson plan that the program directors had for me and my presenting partner was pretty abstinence heavy. But through natural conversation and the curious minds of the 9th graders, we were able to discuss barrier methods, hormonal methods of birth control, the transmission of STIs, emergency contraception, communication tactics to delay intercourse, and much more. I was expecting the group of high schoolers to be more shy, but as the lesson progressed, they got more relaxed and came up with excellent questions and carried important conversation topics.

So happy I was able to check this off my bucket list! Sounds super cheesy and weird, but it has been a dream of mine to teach high schoolers about sexual health. Because of the lesson plan we kind of had to follow, it wasn't as comprehensive as I would have wanted to be, but I am totally up for any future opportunities similar to this!

WAHHH time to study for pathophysiology. One more exam and we are done with this course for the rest of our Master's!



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