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The Good Sort (NYC, Chinatown)

FEATURED: Blue Algae Latte (with coconut milk)

After community clinical today, C and I walked over into Chinatown for some lunch and grabbed a cup of coffee at this relatively new coffee shop. The storefront is pretty tiny and the interior also only seats a few. Something cool about this place is its menu. They have a variety of specialty lattes and interesting baked goods/food. I saw the barista use real ingredients for our drinks and took the time to get the flavor into our cups. The price is pretty steep though. The lattes are about $7-$8 each. The common matcha latte is $5. The aesthetics of this place is all beautiful - from the wall decor, the mugs, glasses, porcelain, latte design, and floral paper straws. My drink was with coconut milk which definitely made all the difference like the barista said. I didn't really know what to expect in terms of taste when I got the drink, but it tasted mainly of the coconut milk. I think I've read that blue algae isn't really supposed to have much of a strong taste but it's something a lot of people add to smoothies and drinks for extra nutrients.

C got the activated charcoal combined with black sesame latte with almond milk. (sorry, no pic here). But I got a sip of hers and it was also milk heavy with just a subtle taste of sesame.

Interesting place though! I may or may not come back in again mainly because of how much I'm paying for how much I'm drinking, but it's understandable because of their use of quality ingredients. But a cool spot to drop in and find yourself a truly unique drink.

Happy Wednesday! Get through the rest of your hump day!



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